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Oct. 12, 2022 - Utah Latino GOP - Utah State Capital Building - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Oct. 12, 2022 - GOP Event American Preparatory Academy

Oct. 15, 2022 - GOP Bang the Drum Latino Community Outreach - Granger High School - 3580 S 3600 W -                        10:00 am to Noon

Oct. 18, 2022 - Meet the Candidates - Matheson Jr. High School - 3650 Montclair St, Magna -

                         6:00 pm to 7:15 pm

Oct. 19, 2022 - Meet the Candidates - Memorial House in Memory Grove - 375 N Canyon Rd, SLC -                                     5:30pm to 6:30 pm

Oct. 20, 2022 - Virtual Town Hall - Meeting Link: - 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Oct. 21, 2022 - Meet the Candidates - 7298 Majestic Way, Magna - 6:00pn to 7:00pm


A Man of Honor and Service

Nick Roberts has faithfully served the citizens of Salt Lake County for over 45 years. First serving with the Salt Lake County Fire Dept before moving to the the Sheriff's Dept, where he served for 30 years as a deputy. Nick has served as a Sargent in the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake since its inception 12 years ago. Nick has received many medals and commendations through his years of service.

Nick is intent on protecting the Constitutional Rights of ALL the Citizens of Salt Lake County. Being the highest Law Enforcer in the county, Sheriff Nick will have the power and authority to counter any efforts, regardless of origin,  that might be attempted on these rights. Nick has also vowed to end the disastrous policy of No Cash Bail for criminals, that allows repeat offenders to be back on our streets in hours after arrest. Proud to be a member of CSPOA - Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officers Association.

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Salt Lake County is a big county, and I need all of the help I can get to be visible. I need volunteers to place signs, canvass door to door, walk in parades, hold cottage meetings, go to car shows, etc. to get the word out.

I need to be elected to be able to make your life safer and better. Please consider doing your part to make sure that all voters are familiar with me and my platform.

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