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Crime in Salt Lake and Repeat Offenders

October 23, 2022

Dear Salt Lake County Resident,

Rosie Rivera, our incumbent Sheriff, together with the District attorney Sim Gill, practice “Alternatives to Incarceration”, as a kinder way to deal with offenders with addictions or mental illnesses, and because it frees up jail space.

This misguided practice results in early release of offenders, often within hours, and frequent repeat offenses.

Catch and Release must End!

Amidst soaring crime rates, the Democratic Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, realizes “‘Catch, release, repeat’ cannot be a criminal justice mantra.” See the New York Post

Here in Salt Lake County, a very high portion of repeat offenders suffer from addictions or mental illnesses.

Recently, an offender on both heroin and meth robbed five (5) ATMs totaling over $50,000. See KSL News. Six (6) officers were needed to subdue and arrest him. The criminal bragged to police that he could use his addiction to get out on probation.

Sure enough, he was released within 24 hours!

Unfortunately, this is just one example of the abuse of this policy by our current Sheriff and District Attorney.

The Elimination of Cash Bail is another failed experiment.

Suspects were formerly required to post bail. Bail bondsmen would guarantee the bail, serving as a second line of enforcement causing suspects to appear for trial.

Now, criminals are frequently released back on the streets within hours of arrest, without the need to post bail of any kind.

What’s the result of this social experimentation with our safety?

Crime is up 39% in Salt Lake County since 1998, the last time the jail was expanded. Repeat offenders continue on their crime sprees. The residents of Salt Lake County bear the costs of reduced safety and security.

The rights of criminals should not be placed above the rights of citizens.

No matter the neighborhood, we all have a right to live in a secure, safe environment, as free from crime as we can make it.

As your County Sheriff, I will work to reverse these failed policies and return Salt Lake County back to Safer Streets.

Vote for Nick Roberts to make our county safe and secure again.

Best regards,

Nicholas J. Roberts

Candidate for Salt Lake County Sheriff

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