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• F.B.I. National Academy Graduate Session 192 January 11 to March 27,1998

Continuing F.B.I. NA training yearly

• Salt Lake County Supervisor Training Program 120 Hrs.

• December, 1998 Graduate studies University Virginia through F.B.I. National Academy,

• 1998 Continuing Education from Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Maintaining required hours for certification of 40 per year. 1978 to present.

• Provo Technical College / Federal program / Fire Fighter Cadet 1 year.

• Undergraduate studies, A.A. L.E Major, Suffolk County Community College, New York

• Salt Lake Community College July 2003, Associates Degree

• Firearms training,1978 to present with Major Manufacturers

• Regents Diploma, East Islip High School, Islip, New York State, 1976

Continuing education to present.

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