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Medals and Awards

Updated: May 30, 2022

Throughout Nick's exemplary career he has received numerous awards and commendations. He received the Sheriff's Star, the highest honor reserved only for the the best of the best. After putting himself between a citizen and an oncoming car, Nick sustained multiple injuries and was awarded the Purple Heart for bravery.

2021 Chief’s Award

2020 ASTM International President James A Thomas Award

2014 Chiefs Award

2013 Citizens Advisory Board Steven A Moore Award

2011 Selected Range Master of the Quarter Action Target (National Award)

2007 Awarded Purple Heart (Injured protecting citizen severe accident)

2002 June 2002 Awarded Olympics Award Citation

2002 May 2002 Awarded Distinguished Service Medal

2002 May 2002 Medal and letter of appreciation From F.B.I. for

Outstanding support to the F.B.I.

1998 May Awarded the Sheriff's Star

1996 Deputy / Employee of the Year

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