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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

• ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials / President James A Thomas International Award for Extraordinary Leadership

• Active law enforcement professional for 40+ years.

• Full Member of the Interagency Board 2014 (IAB) Standards

• Selected by Attorney General Ashcroft, Sheriff Aaron Kennard, Senator Orrin Hatch to sit on the Body Armor initiative 2002/2003

• Current Chair of E54-4 Personnel Protective Gear Committee- American Society for Testing and Materials.

• Sitting member of the National Institute of Justice Technical working group since 2003 helped design of NIJ 06 Armor standard and new NiJ .07 Standard (Released for comment 3-2018).

• F.B.I National Academy Graduated Session 192 January 11, to March 27, 1998.

• Member of F.B.I National Academy Associates.

• Certified Firearms Instructor By FLETC, FBI, NRA, Utah POST President Utah Chapter FBI NA 2005

• Cutting edge expertise in all areas of training, policy and leadership including F.B.I National Academy.

• Reviewer for grants for Office Justice Programs Grants Since 2013.

• Chairman of the board for the State of Utah BCI CCW Board till 2019

• Certified armorer by all major weapon manufacturers.

• Recognized expert in State and Federal court on weapons and training with assistance to the District Attorney's Office.

• Have served as Master Instructor for Colt LLC, Sig Sauer, Pepper Ball Tec., Security Equipment Corp. (Sabre)

• Experienced with weapons repair and maintenance for 40+ years

• Teach and facilitate training at State and Federal levels.

• Designed Programs for Rifles, Handguns, O.C and ECD application and other systems. Designed, Constructed, and implemented extensive training programs including the 2002 winter Olympics

• Designed and built first environmentally safe firearms range in Utah 1994.

• Ability to perform as Administrator / Prepare and maintain Range Budget and facility requirements as specialist (Lts. Equivalent) Training of over 750 Officers

• Provided Professional guidance and leadership to various State and Federal Law enforcement agencies by instruction and assistance.

• Good working relationships with other Police and Federal Agencies

• Driven Professional with proven record of accomplishments for the Public and Agency. Craft Weapons and Office policies

• International Firearms Academy Completed (Certified Firearms Specialist)

• Court used Firearms and Training expert.

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