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Salt Lake County Democrat Chair reveals their extremist beliefs

Eva Lopez, Salt Lake County democrat chair, clearly demonstrated their disdain for the US Constitution by decrying Nick's membership in a national organization of law enforcement officers that have sworn an oath to defend and protect it. Why do they not want the Constitution to be protected? Since no one is above the law, the Sheriff can arrest any law breaker, including the President of the United States. The President is not a king, and isn't immune from arrest if he breaks the law. All laws are to be enforced, as long as they are in alignment with the US Constitution.

To cite the Southern Poverty Law Center as a legal authority is laughable, considering that they have declared ridiculous things such as milk being "new symbol of white supremacy in Trump's America". Talk about a lack of credibility! This demonstrates how disconnected the Democrats are with the people.

As Sheriff, Nick will defend all of your rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

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