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Scary YouTube ad in time for Halloween courtesy of the Utah Democrat Party

The party of the BLM riots and Drag Queen Story Hour have decided to lecture Utahns into thinking our Salt Lake County candidates are extreme. Hello pot, kettle calling.

In their YouTube attack ad, the dems are calling Nick a member of an "Anti Government Extremist Group". This group is the CSPOA- The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Organization, and is comprised of Law Enforcement officers who take their oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the Untied States very seriously. These are patriotic men and women who put themselves in harm's way to protect our freedoms every day.

And who has labeled the CSPOA as an "Anti Government Extremist Group"? It is none other than the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is hardly a denizen of virtue, as they are supporters of BLM and antifa, two groups that riot and destroy the property and lives of Americans. They have even called milk 'racist' because it is white.

If this extremist group wants to call our constitutional law enforcers a bunch of terrorists, then they can wear it proudly. "When kicked by a horse, consider the source". But in this case, it's a donkey doing the kicking.

Leave it to the Democrat Party to sink to the bottom during this important election. It shows how far behind they are, and how desperate they have become. "Think for Yourself" they tell you, as they tell you what to think.

Oh, and please stop removing our signs.

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