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Shameful Last Minute Attacks by Democrats

Nov. 8, 2022

From the desk of Nicholas Roberts

To the great Citizens of Salt Lake County:

I am extremely honored to be running for Sheriff of this great county.

I have talked to many of you and continue looking forward to engaging with more of you.

I have made sure to this point that I have run a clean campaign keeping it to the issues I have seen and dealt with.

But today I need to respond to one of those attacks on my person.

Item One: I miss spoke at a meeting stating CIT was Critical Incident Training, when it is Crisis

Intervention Team which is designed to help individuals in mental health crisis. I do apologize for my mistatement, as sometimes we are all human.

Item Two: I was then attacked that I was never promoted to Range Master and that there was no testing or Range Master.

Well, l I have attached the Official Documents so you can be the judge.

Item Three: I was accused of not obtaining the 40 Acres of land that the Sheriff’s Range is built on and then had the land donated to the County at no cost.

So, I have attached the award of Deputy of the year for obtaining and building the range.

I ask you the citizens of Salt Lake County to continue to ask questions and obtain the answers.

As a young boy I was taught if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.

So, I will not list the person who is doing the attack.

Please vote today.

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