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The Keeping Promises cottage meeting August 24, 2022

The wind and rain couldn't keep Nick's supporters from coming and hearing more about their future sheriff. Guests were pleased to hear his support for the Constitution and how Sheriff Nick will defend it, as he swore to do when he took his oath as a deputy in his early career. He also spoke of the revolving door for criminals on the county jail. A revolving door which he will stop.

Our next District Attorney is Danielle Ahn who also spoke revealing the destructive policies of the current District Attorney. His office repeatedly declines to prosecute repeat offenders, which contributes greatly to our increased crime rate.

A victim of an abusive spouse told her heart wrenching account of being kidnapped and held hostage. The current DA has failed her in her search for justice by declining to prosecute. This has caused her untold trouble with her custody case.

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